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A beautiful song I forgot about....

While listening thru old CDs as I worked in my studio drawing & writing kids books. I came across this old Sonic Youth song that I absolutely loved and had forgotten about. So please watch, listen, and enjoy.

- Jarrod :)

Musical memories

Hey there wonderful humans

I’m always one to listen to music while I work, as I’m sure a lot of people do.

While I’ve been working in my studio of late, writing, drawing etc. I’ve made a concious effort to listen to old CDs I haven’t listened to in a very long time. It’s amazing how many songs you forget about, don’t even think about, but once you hear it, you’re there singing along remembering the time in your life when you played this album all the time & events that were happening in your life at the time. Maybe that’s why we love music so much, because it’s like some kind of “life bookmark” that allows you to escape in your mind back to a younger you. Ahhh the memories….

So, next time you go to put a CD on, stop yourself from grabbing that latest album you’ve been playing to death, annoying your neighbours & all those you live with. Search back through the older stuff, you know you haven’t played this decade, put it on, and let it take your mind to wherever…..

Cheers, have a lovely, musical day and until next time,…take care.

- Jarrod :)

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Hello from Me!!

Hey there Tumblr people

This is my very first tumblr blog, so I thought I’d write a tiny bit to introduce myself to you all, …..so please be gentle with me.

My name is Jarrod Knight & I am an author, cartoonist, artist & all round nice guy. Based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia I have written 2 How to Cartoon books & my very first children’s book, “Muffin & Yellephant” was published about two months ago. I also have created numerous comic strips, design t-shirts & do my best to give back & help out charities & people experiencing tough times.

So please visit my website www.jarrodknight.com for lots of really cool stuff & to learn more about me. And I look forward to blogging for you & writing some stuff that I hope you will all find really interesting.

Until next time, take care

- Jarrod